Real World DeFi

Maxos is building a market for securities issued on public chains and leveraged with DeFi



Buy and redeem securities with simple on-chain transactions. Redeemable securities are a $20T asset class that includes hedge funds, mutual funds, and publicly traded securities. Non-transferrable tokens simplify compliance and accelerate delivery of benefits like immediate settlement and delivery, automated compliance, and DeFi leverage. Get distribution for your fund. Or, dive in and ask for the white paper.


Notcoin is the easiest way to rebalance a crypto portfolio. Investors will buy and redeem notcoin with simple on-chain transactions. They get a securities fund that is leveraged and actively managed to decorrelate crypto. Get involved at This is not an investment offering.


Options designed for DeFi. Dstrikes (delayed strike options) are a building block for DeFi. Order them in centralized, decentralized, and OTC markets. They include reliable daily price oracles for crypto and real world assets. They can trade globally or not at all. They can serve regulated and unregulated markets. Ask for the white paper.


Andy Singleton

Andy Singleton is the founder of Assembla (remote team management), Aboveboard (blockchain registries), PowerSteering Software (enterprise project management), and Creation Mechanics (machine learning). He was employee #2 at SNL Financial (now S&P Global Market Intelligence) and has built financial information products for Reuters, Thomson, Citi, etc. He studied applied math at Harvard and is the author of "A Guide to the New Continuous Agile."

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