Innovation at Industry Scale

Maxos drives innovation at ecosystem scale. We create companies to move targeted industries into the era of blockchain and cloud collaboration.



Building a global market for regulated securities issued and traded on public blockchains such as Ethereum.

Creating a market for "digital health advisors" - virtual clinics, apps, telehealth, AI advisors. These rapidly emerging agents that truly represent consumers and advise them during the 99.5% of the time they are not in front of doctors. We provide shared services for acquiring sponsors, acquiring data, and getting paid. Read more

Hyperscale is helping industries reorganize their IT around cloud and shared services. We buy, package, broker and fund existing services for resale.


We came together to expand on this point of view and take action.

Andy Singleton

Andy Singleton is the founder of PowerSteering Software (enterprise project management), Creation Mechanics (machine learning), Assembla (SaaS development tools) and He was employee #2 at SNL Financial and has built many financial information products. He is a specialist in continuous delivery, continuous agile, and microservices and consults on software development issues. He is the author of "A Guide to the New Continuous Agile." He is the originator of the theory of Apex competitors and MAXOS.

Brad Power

Brad Power is an expert in technology-enabled process innovation who works with companies that must make faster changes to their products, services, and systems to compete with startups and leading software companies. He works with clients to focus, accelerate, and sustain transformations in the way they leverage emerging technology to do their work, creating organizations that are built to change. From his early days working with Michael Hammer in the 1990s to his more recent experience at the Lean Enterprise Institute and Harvard Business Review, he has had a passion for developing continuous innovation as a key capability, embedded in the corporate culture.

Ric Merrifield

Ric Merrifield spent over ten years developing models used to help organizations identify and prioritize opportunities for everything from cutting costs to innovation. The work culminated in the Harvard Business Review article "The Next Revolution in Productivity" and the book "Rethink", FT Press 2009. Since then Ric has been applying those models to customer experience design and innovation, leading the work in Disney's Next Generation Experience division that delivered the Magicband. Most recently Merrifield has worked with Microsoft and financial services organizations to identify opportunities for innovation.

Roger Camrass

A visiting professor at the Surrey Business School and co-founder of CoDE. As a former consulting partner at EY, European president of the Stanford Research Institute (SRI), and director of business transformation at Fujitsu, Roger has helped global organisations exploit successive waves of digital technology, from the Internet through to Cloud, e-commerce and Mobility. He is author of the book "Atomic: reforming the business landscape into the new structures of tomorrow."

Jeremy Josse

Jeremy Josse has worked as an investment banker at leading financial institutions, including Schroders, Citigroup, and N M Rothschild. He has specialized in complex restructurings and corporate finance issues in the banking, financial technology and financial institutions sectors. He studied philosophy and economics as an undergraduate at both Trinity College, Oxford University and as a graduate at London University. He also qualified as a banking attorney. He is the author of the Wiley published book "Dinosaur Derivatives and Other Trades" and has published numerous other articles on a wide range of financial subjects including the credit crisis, bank restructurings and financial engineering.

Joe Weinman

A former senior executive with AT&T Bell Labs (for over thirty years), Joe is now a speaker and adviser to Fortune 1000 companies. His recent publications, "Cloudonomics: The Business Value of Cloud Computing", and "Digital Disciplines" (2016) have been translated into Chinese. Joe is a frequent speaker in China and well connected to many of the leading digital companies there such as Alibaba and Tencent. See

Guy Parsons

Guy leads value stream mapping workshops and provides insight into Lean principles. Guy was a founding member of Lean Enterprise Institute, where he developed events, research projects, and a network of lean thinking leaders. Guy gained operating experience as President of Merlin Metalworks. He received an MBA from Harvard, with a focus on manufacturing strategy and technology implementation. Guy is the author of the book "Out of the Question: How Curious Leaders Win".

Michael Glavich

Michael delivers a unique combination of strategy, marketing, and whole-product development that seeks to “change the playing field”, creating unique and unbeatable competitive advantage. His work at Diamond Technology took a client to a nine-figure brand. Michael created the Illinois CIO Exchange, and he launched the Agile and Collaborative Technologies division at Concours Group (formerly Index). Michael is a partner at ElasticityLabs, a think tank for leveraging platforms, ecosystems and advances in social, mobile, analytics and cloud.

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